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Nano-materials apply in textiles

1.     Summarization of nanotech apply in textiles

Nanotechnology is already having an impact in the textiles sector, due to the added functionality it enables: crease resistance, spot and water repellence, anti-static properties, active ingredient storage or fire protection. Nanotechnology offers solutions for keeping the textiles industry competitive with traditional ones by:

- Lowering costs

- Improving margins

- Creating access to new markets.

- Future developments of nanotechnology in textiles with have a two-fold focus:

- Upgrading the existing functions and performances of textile materials

- Developing smart and intelligent textiles with unprecedented functions

 The latter development is more urgent from the standpoint of homeland security and advancement of technology. The new functionalities which can be expected to be developed include:

 - Wearable solar cell and energy storage

- Sensors and information acquisition and transfer

- Multiple and sophisticated protection and detection

- Healthcare and wound healing functions

- Self-cleaning and repairing functions

 Combining textiles and electronics is promising to be a significant commercial area and has led to many different new terms, such as “wearable computers”, “smart or intelligent garments” and “textile circuits”.

2.     Nano-materials which commonly used in textiles



Nano zinc oxide

Anti-utraviolet Anti-aging Anti-statci

Nano Ferric xide

Nano Alumina

Nano Titanium Dioxied

Nano Silica

Enhance color fastness and weatherability

Nano Fe-Ni Alloy

Anyi-ultraviolet; Anti-infrared; Anti-electromagnetic

Nano Silver

Antibacterial and deodorization

Nano Si/C/N

Stealthy materials


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