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Nano materials apply in coatings

1. Summarization of nanotech apply in coatings

The nanotechnology can perfectly used in kinds of the paint products such as interior wall, exterior wall and anti-latex paint, and the product performance will be greatly improved: unique characteristics of good hydrophilicity and lipophilicity, non-stick water, non-stick oil, wash-resistant up to ten thousand times on, superior adhesion and flexibility, not hollowing or crack. The function of UV shielding can greatly enhance the anti-aging and long-term non-fade, and increase the service life up to ten years. Nano-materials have the unique function of catalysis and self-cleaning what can be used to mould proof sterilizes and clear air.

(1)   Exterior wall coating

If users need to improve the performance of coatings like anti-aging, wash-resistant, anti-tarnish, we propose to use the nano materials alone or in combination in middle or high grade coatings. It is advised to add 1%-5% for the former. For the latter, it can add 0.5%-3% for nano titanium dioxide, and add 1%-2% for nano silicon oxide. We mainly use of nano-silica, low use or non-use of nano-titanium dioxide. In general, if costs permit, we propose to use a high percentage of nano-materials if possible. If there is strict control of costs, we recommend clients to determine the optimal amount of nano-materials through experiments to have a best cost performance.

(2)   Interior wall paint

If users have the requirement of higher quality of indoor air, the available nano-titanium dioxide or negative ion powder can be used to purify air, and nano ZnO or antibacterial materials to improve the performance of anti-bacterial and mould proof. Users can improve the coating properties of leveling anti-staining and thickening through a combination of nano-titanium dioxide and nano-silica .We proposed that the use of quantity is 1-3%, not only can single-use, but also in combination with, can improve the coating ability of clean the air by use of negative ion powder and anatase nano-titanium dioxide.

(3) Special coatings
   Anti-static coating: It is applied in the places of stringent requirements of anti-static;
   Wear-resistant coating: It can significantly improve the hardness and wear resistance of coatings by use of nano zirconia, nano-cobalt etc;
   Corrosion-resistant coating: Being alone or in combination of the use of nano silicon oxide, nano-titanium dioxide, nano-ZnO that can improve corrosion resistance of the coating, especially corrosion resistance in sea water;
   Fire retardant coating: If there is request for coating performance of fire proof, we propose to use nano-magnesium oxide, and the recommend quantity is 0.5-5%. 

2. Nano-materials which commonly used in coating.



Nano titanium dioxide

UV shielding, Photocatalyst, Antibacterial material, Air purification

Nano silica

Improve the performance of anti-corrosive and the suspensibility of the coating,Corrosion resistance

Nano zinc oxide

Increase the strength, compactness, adhesion and high cleanliness of the coating

Nano alumina

Wear-resistant, Water proof

Nano magnesium oxide

Fire proof

Nano boron nitride

Lubrication, Corrosion resistance

Nano calcium carbonate


Carbon nanotubes

Increase the electrical conductivity

 3. Proposed dispersion method of nano-materials which apply in coating

Firstly, under stirring at low speed, add a certain amount of nano-materials into the deionized water slowly in accordance with the demand and add the appropriate dispersing agent while mixing. When all the work of add materials has been completed, emulsify at high speed or dispersed for half an hour, and then mix with the paint system, stirring at medium speed for some time. Customers can also be distributed in accordance with their own technology.


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